Choosing the right location to call home

Finding the right apartment is like purchasing a car – it requires investigation, evaluation and then an assessment of affordability before making the purchase. Unfortunately most of us don’t go through that process when we’re choosing where to live. We get far more caught up in the emotional aspects of the decision and often it leads us down the wrong path. With that in mind, let us provide you with some guidance.

Moving costs money! Choose a place where you plan to stay for the longest period of time. Every time you move the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand, not to mention the value of your time to go through the whole process over and over again. Many of us never factor in our time but, in today’s society, time is money.

Wherever possible, try to pick a home that is in close proximity to where you work. The ideal is to live within 30 minutes of your current workplace. You’ll find that reducing travel time to and from work will improve your quality of life substantially.

Try to assimilate into your neighbourhood in the shortest time possible. Often, when people are moving from one end of the city to another they still continue to use their previous neighbourhood hair stylist, dentist, doctor, and so on. Some still shop in the same stores. Venture out and create new relationships wherever possible. We’ve found that it takes the average person up to two years to assimilate into aa new neighbourhood in a medium- to large-sized city. The problem is that on average, most people move every three years, which means that they just get comfortable with their new community when they’re ready to move on. Some groups, like the Y generation (those born post 1980) are more resilient and can move continuously and assimilate quickly. However, most people can’t. If you’re going to make a neighbourhood your home, you have to try and make yourself comfortable in every respect.

The factor that always affects where people choose to live is price – or so they think. In fact, people put far too much importance on cost when making a decision about a new rental. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you go out and buy a Coach purse or drink Starbucks coffee you certainly didn’t make those purchases strictly on price, so why would you base a decision as important as choosing your new residence strictly on the basis of cost? Your home is your castle and should be treated that way. You should invest more on the place where you’ll be spending the greatest amount of your time (outside of work that is), rather than on those things that only give you a temporary happy fix, such as eating out or going to a movie.

And finally, look at the amenities. There are considerable advantages to living in a building that has fitness facilities on-site, thereby eliminating the need to pay membership fees at a club. Similarly, having an in-suite washer-dryer is definitely preferable to using a laundry room or going to a laundromat. Time is money. Having amenities right in your suite or building is a considerable advantage, not only from the perspective of time, but money as well. Today, we’re all trying to save whenever and wherever we can. Doing so without affecting our quality of life is the key. Picking the right place to live will help you do just that!