Comparative Market Surveys

In today’s marketplace, it’s important to know your competition and how you stack up against it.  Our comprehensive surveys will identify comparable buildings in your neighbourhood and provide an overview of their product, rates and amenities.


Resident Satisfaction Surveys

Customer service is critical in maintaining your occupancy but do you really know how your residents feel about your performance? The key to providing exemplary customer service is to know what your residents want. If you don’t ask them, how will you know what they want, what they like or dislike, or even how satisfied they are with their living experience in your building(s)?

Conducting a resident satisfaction survey is a great way to find out what residents really think about your community.  Information is power!  With it you can increase resident retention and satisfaction levels and realize lower vacancies!

Bonnie will work with you to develop a questionnaire that collects the information you need.  BHA will administer the survey, analyze the data and deliver a comprehensive report that details how your residents really feel.


Demographic Analysis

How do you know that you’re getting the best “bang for your buck”.  You invest huge amounts of money to advertise your product and services – how do you know that it’s reaching your target market or for that matter, do you even know your target market?  We will identify the tenant make-up of your building (i.e. singles, families, seniors etc.), their ethnic origin and income levels so that you can better focus your advertising dollars to maximize the profitability of your buildings.


Rent Mapping

More and more landlords are recognizing that it makes a great deal of sense to have a record of the rents they charge for various types of units in their buildings and set up elaborate spreadsheets that they then have to manually update every time they increase rates.  We can make this job easy for you and create a rent map so that all you have to do is change a few entries on the spreadsheet to update the entire map when you increase rates.  Just supply us with the bare essentials and we’ll do the rest.


Ben Wallace

" Here at Westwood Management International, we pride ourselves in offering superior rental product. We use BHA's in-depth and thorough market research and analysis to ensure that we are achieving maximum market values for our suites. Their research is customized to our superior product, reliable and concise. Thank you BHA! "

Ben Wallace | Property Manager, Westwood Manament International - Toronto Portfolio