Small Space Décor

Whether your home is large or small, unique furniture designs and creative use of storage space  can work in any space if you put your mind to it.

If you’re in a small and comfy living space start by picking furniture that is multi-functional. For example, Murphy beds can pass as a wall unit and desk during the day and pull down to create a bed at night and voila – you have a bedroom suite. Today, you can buy a sofa or davenport that pulls out into a bed, or even the traditional futon that can serve as a couch or a bed depending on how you need to use your room as the day goes on.

For those of you moving into a space with limited counter space, buy items that are multi-purpose. Toaster ovens can make toast and warm foods. There are coffee makers on the market that can make coffee and heat water for tea as well. When you have limited counter and cupboard space think in terms of dual purpose for everything you buy and hopefully you’ll give yourself more room in your kitchen.

Dining room sets for small spaces are out of the question. You need to consider a breakfast bar if the kitchen lends itself to that. If not, consider a café table with two to four chairs depending on the space you have available. And if that starts really cutting into your living space, you can always consider a coffee table that serves as a coffee table but lifts up and turns into a dining table. This type of furniture is out there. IKEA and Mobilia lend themselves to small space living, but there are lots of others you may want to consider as well. Small space furniture design has become a major part of the furniture industry and it has become relatively easy to find well-priced small scale and multi-functional furniture. There are intriguing multi-purpose pieces such as an ottoman with storage inside, a bed with lifts or drawers underneath that offers storage below the mattress and an expandable dining table that seat four comfortably, but that slides open to expose several leaves so that the occasional dinner party or large holiday meal can be served.

If you have a balcony or terrace incorporate that into your living space for the spring and summer months – even into the fall when the weather cooperates. Extending your living space with outdoor chairs, potted plants, and a little greenery can really add character to your home, and also infuse fresh air to your living space. You may not get to use it a lot but it’s often enough to give you a little change of scenery in a cosy living space.

As for bathrooms, if they’re small there isn’t much you can do except to ensure that the sink has a vanity. Every woman needs a place to put toiletries, and a bathroom with no cupboards or medicine cabinet in it is a no-no for any landlord. Some innovative landlords are now putting shelving above the toilet which is a smart use of space. Most people typically line the shelves with fragrances and lotions which is great because they are within an arms reach.

Whatever you do, measure, measure and measure some more when you rent a small space. You can make anything work depending on how you use it. Some of the cutest living spaces I’ve seen recently are in highly functional, cosy living spaces.

Happy decorating!