Things are looking up!

After thirty four years in this industry, I’ve come to realize that nothing’s changed and then again, a lot has changed. The municipal, provincial and federal governments are still taking swipes at our industry at every turn. Sometimes I feel that they’re often tripping over themselves to see who can get at landlords first. On the other hand, some of our people and companies are getting positive press which never really happened before the start of the Spring H.O.P.E. Food Drive. Even then, it took five years to get recognition for that effort.

It’s important that among the bad news stories, we note the good ones as well. Just last week I received a notice that Wyse Meters is now the 16th fastest growing company in Canada. That means jobs and potential energy savings as residents monitor their usage. It means that this business is servicing our industry and receiving national recognition as well. Its executives and founders are significant sponsors, supporters, and members of our industry. They have made a difference in the lives and energy usage across this country which is no small feat. I’m thrilled they’re getting the recognition they deserve and
we as an industry need to applaud Peter Mills, Ian Stewart and their respective team. They’re getting noticed.

CAPREIT has now reached platinum level and has been recognized yet again as being one of Canada’s 50 top employers in 2017. They are now the largest landlord in Canada and their employees like where they work. I believe their residents are just as happy because happy employees make for happy residents. When I started in this business, these kinds of announcements were never seen. In fact, many time I would go into social offices and see posters denouncing landlords, apartments, and
anything related to our industry. When I hear things like this, it gives me hope that our industry is finally earning respect on some level.

Yesterday, I watched Gloria Salomon give her speech after winning the Sam Grossman lifetime achievement award for the Greater Toronto Apartment Association and I if you heard her, you couldn’t help but admire Gloria for her candidness and her spirit. With true political gusto she took on the Liberal government and their policies in an impassioned speech that had everyone in the room listening intently. She spoke the truth. She has now committed nineteen years of her life to this association and I
couldn’t help but think that her father (who was a pioneer in this industry) would have been very proud of her had he been there to hear her speech.

In this time of turmoil let’s not forget the shining stars in our industry and acknowledge that not everyone is against us. There are lots of good new stories. There are lots of remarkable people in our industry. Most importantly, we are making headway. We may still be attacked politically but the power is always in the people and it’s clear that they’re starting to see the truth. We have to keep pushing forward, sharing the good news, and spreading the word. We impact this city, this province and this country in a profound way. Lets make sure everybody knows it.